fxpodcast #365 Ian Spriggs: Digital Portrait Artist

Ian Spriggs is an unbelievable digital artist creating the most believably insightful portraits. All the images in this story were created by Ian without scanning, light stages, photogrammetry, or special depth sensors. In this week’s fxpodcast, we discuss his work and his process.

Ian Spriggs Self portrait

His work is not just life-like, but he captures the likeness and spirit of the people in his work. Here at fxguide, we are lucky enough to know some of the people he has captured, and we can bear witness to the insight and essence of those people being evident in the final images.

Here is a link to his site: ianspriggs.com

Working with Maya, Mudbox, and V-Ray on the latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs, which allows him to iterate and work almost in real-time. Ian produces work that is both technically impressive and visually arresting. We first connected with Ian on the WikiHuman project around 9 years ago, and his commitment to his art was evident then, and it is only stronger today.

Ian has a strong influence from art history, he once commented to us, “In my work, I want to represent the human but keep a link with the history of art, I believe the masters were aesthetically able to connect to the viewer and I believe that keeping in touch with their goals will help us connect in the digital age too.”

David who is Ian’s brother and also an artist

In a world of commercial art – which is what VFX is, Ian does this work for art’s sake. He has produced a book on his work and had major exhibitions- as you can hear in this week’s episode – but he is driven by the desire to produce meaningful work, and it was a great pleasure to sit down with him here at fxguide and discuss his work.


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