fxpodcast: Alvy Ray Smith

One of the most remarkable men we have had on the fxpodcast.  It is a real pleasure & honor to offer you this in-depth interview with Dr Alvy Ray Smith, the man who jointly or personally: Invented Paint, Alpha, Dir. the Genesis seq., worked at XEROX PARC, NYIT, Lucasfilm, PIXAR, Microsoft and a multiple tech Ocsar winner.

See also our written story with additional facts and rare photos and images.

3 thoughts on “fxpodcast: Alvy Ray Smith”

  1. Amazing interview, thank you so much to Dr Alvy, Mike and FXguide for this candid interview. So cool for a FX geeks like me to listen and hear about the history of what we take for granted. 10/10!

  2. WOWOWOWOWOW! I really loved this interview! Having recently read the bio on Steve Jobs, it was interesting to hear his perspective on those events. For me, as a guy who came up through the paint ranks starting with Deluxe Paint on the Amiga, a bit of “ArtStar” at a local broadcaster, and Photoshop starting from v3….this was truly fascinating….I had often wondered about the term “Alpha.” This is a part of our industry heritage I, for one, am so glad that you were able to capture for posterity. Major KUDOS!

  3. Jonathan Kendall

    HI, it was an enormous pleasure to hear this interview with one of the greatest personalities of digital imaging history, there is only one sustained annoyance…. you keep interrupting the man’s flow to ask more questions, sidetracking him so we often never get to what he was about to tell us before you spoke over him! I know it’s exciting to be able to chip-in with your own knowledge and opinion but, please, hold back, wait until he’s finished, and then make requests for more information after he’s come to the end of what he’d begun telling us. Apart from that one development point, this is a huge scoop, well done!

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