fxpodcast #231: PDI co-founder Richard Chuang

This week we talk to Richard Chuang, one of the co-founders of pioneering graphics, visual effects and animation studio Pacific Data Images (PDI). Chuang is now a founder of media collaboration company Cloudpic Global. He’ll also presenting on the rise of computer graphics in Asia at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in Singapore. And we’ll have more on Richard Chuang and the history of PDI in a separate written article soon on fxguide.

1 thought on “fxpodcast #231: PDI co-founder Richard Chuang”

  1. Thankyou FXGUIDE for such a wonderful interview.
    Richard is such a wonderful person. I really like his statement ” Its all about the people”.
    Thankyou Richard. You are awesome.

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