Writing for Effects: Red Dwarf

As it is almost Christmas we figured we’d explore a different side of visual effects and talk to someone who creates the scripts and characters that we daily need to film and composite. We decided to talk to an entremely successful writer and producer. Doug Naylor is a funny guy, he writes funny comedy, but the business of writing for visual effects – especially for a tight budget, cult classic – with global appeal is a tough job. This week, Doug Naylor k

Click on the link beside to listen to Mike Seymour talk to Doug Naylor the hughly successful co-founder of the UK TV Classic “Red Dwarf” about what it is like to write for an effects show… where the effects really do just support a brilliant set of actors and very funny dialogue. (BTW Red Dwarf is one of our favourite UK TV shows : and Red Dwarf Series VII has just been released on DVD… just in time for geek Xmas gifts !)

all images copyright Grant Naylor Productions Limited.

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