64-bit OS X Version of SynthEyes now Available

The powerful but affordable SynthEyes camera tracking application is now available in a 64-bit version for OS X Leopard. The new version provides a bit of a speed increase, but the main benefit with a 64-bit app is the ability to use more than 4 GB of RAM. This is useful for maintaining longer and higher resolution imagery in RAM for playback, calculations, and such.

The 64-bit app is available as a $200USD upgrade from the current OS X 32-bit SynthEyes 2008. Other upgrade paths are also available. Click through to read more from the press release.

64-Bit Mac OS X Is Latest SynthEyes Tracking Target
Malvern, PA. January 12, 2009

Andersson Technologies LLC is delighted to announce the availability of the 64-bit OS X version of its match-moving application, SynthEyes. The new version continues their commitment to delivering the highest performing tracking products and support for the most advanced platforms available—all for an affordable price. SynthEyes introduced support for 64-bit Windows in 2005 and now leads the market to 64-bit OS X, all with extensive multi-core optimization for the latest 8-core machines.

The 64-bit version offers improved workflow performance and reliability. Though the AMD/Intel 64-bit instruction set provides approximately 10% direct boost in performance, the 64-bit version’s main advantage is the ability to use more than 4 GB of RAM.

Thirty-two-bit applications can access at most 4 GB of RAM, roughly 3 GB after overheads, even though many customers configure their Macs with 8-16 GB. With the limited accessible RAM, applications must repeatedly reload shots from slow disk drives.

With the new 64-bit SynthEyes, the entire RAM can store large HD and film shots, and the volumes of tracking data they produce, for quick access during supervised tracking, post-solve fine tuning, track verification, and RAM-based playback. That rapid RAM access is what accelerates workflow the most. The increasing number of stereo 3-D movies, with their doubled storage requirements, makes this capability even more important.

As an additional benefit, the 64-bit version enhances reliability by eliminating the possibility of running out of 4 GB memory space.

SynthEyes offers a complete high-end feature set, including tracking, stabilization, motion capture, and mesh building. It handles camera tracking, object tracking, object tracking from reference meshes, camera+object tracking, multiple-shot tracking, tripod (nodal, 2.5-D) tracking, mixed tripod and translating shots, zooms, lens distortion, and light solving. It can handle shots of any resolution—DV, HD, film, IMAX—and can solve shots with thousands of frames. A nifty feature simplifies and speeds tracking for green-screen shots. The image preprocessor can help remove grain, compression artifacts, off-centering, or varying lighting; improve low-contrast shots.

SynthEyes offers complete control over the tracking process for challenging shots, including an efficient workflow for supervised trackers, combined automated/supervised tracking, incremental solving, and a hard and soft path locking system. You can set up a coordinate system with tracker constraints, camera constraints, a line-based single-frame alignment system, or manually. SynthEyes exports to 25+ common animation and compositing packages.

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Customers in over 50 countries use SynthEyes on projects ranging from feature films such as Australia, Bedtime Stories, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Defiance, Doubt, and The Spirit; television shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Fringe, Leverage, and the Sarah Connor Chronicles; music videos from Orba Squara, Samantha Mumba, Seether, and Serj Tankian; as well as commercials and YouTube projects worldwide.

* System Requirements

64-bit SynthEyes for OS X requires 10.5 Leopard and a 64-bit-capable Intel-based processor. See the web site for directions on how to check your system.

Though the product is offered for Intel Macs, an 64-bit PowerPC binary is currently included. Ongoing PowerPC support may be problematic and the 64-bit PowerPC version may be frozen or discontinued at the developer’s discretion.

A 32-bit Intel/PowerPC version for OS X 10.4 and 10.5 is also offered, or Windows customers can select either the 32-bit or 64-bit versions for Windows XP/Vista.

* Pricing

A single-seat license of 64-bit SynthEyes for OS X is priced at $599 and is available now. Existing SynthEyes 2008 customers can upgrade to the 64-bit OS X version for $200; upgrades are also available from earlier versions. Thirty-two-bit licences are $399. Volume and educational-institution discounts are also available.

The company website offers a free demonstration version at http://www.ssontech.com

* The Company

Andersson Technologies LLC is a boutique software firm located near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and headed by computer vision and robotics expert Dr. Russell Andersson. SynthEyes is in its sixth year assisting VFX professionals, with customers in over 50 countries

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