Here are nominees in the visual effects categories for the 67th Emmy Awards:

Outstanding Special Visual Effects

Black Sails • XVIII • Starz • Platinum Dunes and Quaker Moving Pictures in association with Starz Originals

Erik Henry, Visual Effects Supervisor
Kevin Paul Rafferty, On-Set VFX Supervisor
Paul Stephenson, Special Effects Supervisor
Annemarie Griggs, Visual Effects Producer
Mitch Claspy, Visual Effects Coordinator
Ken Jones, Lead FX Artist
Lari Karam, SFX Lead
Whitman Gove Lindstrom, Matte Painter
Charles Baden, Compositor

The Flash • Grodd Lives • CW • Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television

Armen V. Kevorkian, Visual Effects Supervisor
James Baldanzi, Visual Effects Producer
Keith Hamakawa, Associate Visual Effects Supervisor
Jason Shulman, Animation Supervisor
Stefan Bredereck, 3D Supervisor
Kurt Smith, 3D Character Artist
Lorenzo Mastrobuono, 3D Artist
Andranik Taranyan, Compositing Supervisor
Gevork Babityan, Lead Compositing Artist

Game Of Thrones • The Dance Of Dragons • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions

Steve Kullback, Visual Effects Producer
Joe Bauer, Visual Effects Supervisor
Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Associate Producer
Jabbar Raisani, Visual Effects Plate Supervisor
Eric Carney, Visual Effects Previs Lead
Stuart Brisdon, Special Effects Supervisor
Derek Spears, Lead CG Supervisor
James Kinnings, Lead Animator
Matthew Rouleau, CG Supervisor

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. • The Dirty Half Dozen • ABC • ABC Studios in association with Marvel Studios

Sabrina M. Arnold, Lead VFX Producer
Mark Kolpack, VFX Supervisor
Garry D’Amico, Special Effects Supervisor
Tracy Takahashi, VFX Producer
Kevin Lingenfelser, Compositing Supervisor
Matthew Von Brock, CG Supervisor
Mitch Gates, CG Lead Artist
Kevin Yuille, Lead Compositor
Briana Aeby, VFX Coordinator

Vikings • To The Gates! • HISTORY • An Octagon and Take 5 production in association with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for History

Dennis Berardi, Senior Special Visual Effects Producer
Michael Borrett, Visual Effects Producer
Ovidiu Cinazan, Lead Compositor
Jeremy Dineen, Lead FX Artist
Bill Halliday, Visual Effects Producer
Dominic Remane, Visual Effects Supervisor
Paul Wishart, Lead Environment Artist
Engin Arslan, Lead Lighter
Ken MacKenzie, Lead Animator

Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role

American Horror Story: Freak Show • Edward Mordrake, Part 2 • FX Networks • 20th Century Fox Television

Jason Piccioni, Visual Effects Supervisor
Justin Ball, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jason Spratt, VFX Producer
Tim Jacobsen, VFX Producer
David Altenau, Compositing Supervisor
Tommy Tran, Lead Compositor
Mike Kirylo, Lead CG Artist
Matt Lefferts, CG Artist
Donnie Dean, SFX Supervisor

Boardwalk Empire • Golden Days For Boys And Girls • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions, Sikelia Productions and Cold Front Productions

Lesley Robson-Foster, VFX Supervisor
Parker Chehak, VFX Producer
Douglas Purver, Compositor
Paul Graff, VFX Supervisor
John Bair, VFX Supervisor
Greg Radcliffe, Digital Artist
Rebecca Dunn, Compositing Supervisor
Aaron Raff, Lead Digital Artist
Steven Kirshoff, Special Effects Forman

Gotham • Lovecraft • FOX • Warner Bros. Television

Thomas Joseph Mahoney, Visual Effects Supervisor
Joseph Bell, Visual Effects Producer
Erin Perkins, VFX Coordinator
Eric Deinzer, Compositing Supervisor
Sina San, Matte Painter
Adam Coggin, Compositor
Mark Nazal, Compositor
Henrique Reginato, Compositor
Errol Lanier, CG Artist

Marvel’s Daredevil • Speak Of The Devil • Netflix • Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix

David Van Dyke, Visual Effects Producer
Bryan Godwin, Visual Effects Supervisor
Karl Coyner, Digital Effects Supervisor
Steve J. Sanchez, Senior Compositing Lead
Julie Long, Visual Effects Coordinator
Pedro Tarrago, Visual Effects Editor
Neiko Nagy, Associate Compositing Lead
Moshe Swed, CG Artist
Kjell Strode, FX Technical Director

The Walking Dead • Conquer • AMC • AMC Studios / Stalwart Films, LLC / Circle of Confusion / Valhalla Entertainment

Victor Scalise, VFX Supervisor
Darrell Dean Pritchett, Special FX Supervisor
Matt Robken, VFX Producer
Gary Romey, VFX Coordinator
Martin Hilke, Lead 2D Artist
Franco Leng, Senior 2D Artist
Dylen Velasquez, 2D Artist
Michael Cook, Lead CG Artist
William L. Arance, Senior CG Artist

Congratulations to all the nominees!

For a complete list of nominees:

The 67th Emmy Awards will be held September 20, 2015 at the Microsoft Theater L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles.

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