Anna Chlumsky (Veep) and Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds) announced the nominees for the 69th Emmy® Awards this morning.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects

American Gods
“The Bone Orchard”   Starz

  • Kevin Tod Haug, Visual Effects Designer
  • David Stump, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Jeremy Ball, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Bernice Charlotte Howes, Visual Effects Producer
  • Jessica Smith, Visual Effects Production Manager
  • Josh Carlton, Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Pierre Buffin, VFX Supervisor
  • James Cooper, VFX Supervisor
  • Aymeric Perceval, VFX Supervisor

Black Sails
“XXIX”    Starz

  • Erik Henry, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Terron Pratt, Visual Effects Producer
  • Ashley J. Ward, Visual Effects Production Manager
  • Kevin Rafferty, On-Set Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Paul Dimmer, Special Effects Supervisor
  • Yafei Wu, VFX Supervisor
  • Martin Lipmann, VFX Supervisor
  • Nicklas Andersson, Animation Supervisor
  • David Wahlberg, Compositing Lead

The Man In The High Castle
“Fallout”   Amazon

  • Lawson Deming, VFX Supervisor
  • Cory Jamieson, VFX Producer
  • Casi Blume, CG Supervisor
  • Nick Chamberlain, Comp Supervisor
  • David Andrade, Modeling Supervisor
  • Bill Parker, Comp Lead
  • Justin Fox, Layout
  • Danielle Malambri, VFX Coordinator

“On The Eve”    HISTORY

  • Dominic Remane, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Michael Borrett, Visual Effects Producer
  • Bill Halliday, Visual Effects Producer
  • Paul Wishart, CG Supervisor
  • Ovidiu Cinazan, Lead Compositor
  • Jim Maxwell, Lead Matte Painter
  • Kiernan McKay, Lead Animator
  • Isabelle Alles, Lead Massive Crowd Artist
  • Tom Morrison, Lead Lighter

“The Bicameral Mind”    HBO

  • Jay Worth, VFX Supervisor
  • Elizabeth Castro, VFX Coordinator
  • Joe Wehmeyer, On Set VFX Supervisor
  • Eric Levin-Hatz, VFX Compositor
  • Bobo Skipper, ILP VFX Supervisor
  • Gustav Ahren, Modeling Lead
  • Paul Ghezzo, CG Supervisor – COSA VFX
  • Mitchell S. Drain, VFX Supervisor – Shade VFX
  • Michael Lantieri, Special Effects

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Supporting Role

“Einstein: Chapter One”    National Geographic

  • Eric Durst, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Lenka Líkařová, Visual Effects Producer
  • Viktor Muller, Senior Visual Effects Producer
  • Marek Ruth, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Tomáš Kalhous, Head of 2D Department
  • Lukáš Herrmann, Head of DMP Department
  • Pavel Kolář, CG Supervisor
  • Petr Hastík, Lead Compositor
  • Vit Komrzý, 2D Compositor

“Heavydirtysoul”    FOX

  • Thomas Mahoney, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Matthew Wheelon Hunt, Visual Effects Producer
  • Alex Gitler, Compositing Supervisor
  • Sina San, Senior Matte Painter / Art Director
  • Michael Capton, CG Supervisor / Lead CG Artist
  • Jon Anastasiades, Senior Lead Compositor
  • Ryan Bauer, Sequence Lead Compositor
  • Mark Anthony Nazal, Sequence Lead Compositor
  • Randy Little, On-Set Supervisor

“Episode 1”    FX Networks

  • Henry Badgett, VFX Supervisor
  • Tracy McCreary, VFX Producer
  • Angela Barson, Senior VFX Supervisor
  • Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor, VFX Line Producer
  • Nic Birmingham, Head of 3D
  • Simon Rowe, Senior 2D Artist
  • Alexander Kirichenko, Senior 2D Artist
  • Finlay Duncan, 2D Artist
  • Colin Gorry, SFX Supervisor

The Crown
“Windsor”    Netflix

  • Ben Turner, Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Tom Debenham, Consulting Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Standish Millennas, Visual Effects Producer
  • Kim Phelan, Visual Effects Producer
  • Oliver Cubbage, Lead CG Artist
  • Lionel Heath, Lead Compositor
  • Charlie Bennet, Lead DMP Artist
  • Stephen Smith, Lead Roto-Prep Artist
  • Carmine Agnone, Lead Matchmove Artist

The Handmaid’s Tale
“Birth Day”    Hulu

  • Brendan Taylor, VFX Supervisor
  • Stephen Lebed, VFX Supervisor
  • Leo Bovell, CG Supervisor
  • Martin O’Brien, VFX Producer
  • Winston Lee, Senior VFX Compositor
  • Kelly Knauff, VFX Coordinator
  • Zach Dembinski, CG Artist
  • Mike Suta, Compositor
  • Cameron Kerr, Compositor

 Outstanding Commercial

Calling – Squarespace

  • John X Hannes, Ad Agency
  • Smuggler, Production Company

Love Cam – Ad Council: Love Has No Labels

  • R/GA, Ad Agency
  • Tool of North America, Production Company

We Are America – Ad Council: Love Has No Labels

  • R/GA, Ad Agency
  • MJZ, Production Company

Why I March – Women’s March On Washington

  • McGarry Bowen, Ad Agency
  • Hungry Man Productions, Production Company

Year In Search 2016 – Google

  • 72 and Sunny, Ad Agency
  • Hecho en 72, Production Company

Outstanding Main Title Design

American Gods  Starz

  • Patrick Clair, Creative Director
  • Raoul Marks, Lead Compositor and Animator
  • Devin Maurer, Editor
  • Jeff Han, Designer

FEUD: Bette And JoanFX Networks

  • Ryan Murphy, Creative Director
  • Alexis Martin Woodall, Creative Producer
  • Kyle Cooper, Director
  • Nadia Tzuo, Designer
  • Margherita Premuroso, Animator

Stranger Things  Netflix

  • Michelle Dougherty, Creative Director
  • Peter Frankfurt, Executive Creative Director
  • Arisu Kashiwagi, Designer
  • Eric Demeusy, Compositor/Designer

The Crown    Netflix   

  • Patrick Clair, Creative Director
  • Raoul Marks, Lead Compositor and Animator
  • Javier Leon Carrillo, Look Developer
  • Jeff Han, Designer

Westworld    HBO

  • Patrick Clair, Creative Director
  • Raoul Marks, Lead Compositor and Animator
  • Yongsub Song, Compositor and Animator
  • Felix Soletic, Designer
  • Jessica Hurst, CG Modeler
  • Jose Limon, CG Modeler/Sculptor

Outstanding Original Interactive Program

Amigo To The Rescue: Disney Junior Interactive Show    iOS

  • Disney/ABC Television Group,
  • Kids Digital Media

Dear Angelica    Oculus

  • Oculus Story Studio

HITRECORD x ACLU: Are You There Democracy? It’s Me, The InternetThe Huffington Post / You Tube

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Executive Producer
  • Jared Geller, Executive Producer
  • ACLU

Mission: ISS    Oculus

  • Ben Grossmann, VR Director
  • Adrian Sciutto, VR Producer
  • Amaresh Kollipara, Producer
  • David Swift, Lead Experience Engineer Oculus

The People’s House – Inside The White House With Barack And Michelle Obama    Samsung / Oculus

  • Felix & Paul Studios


Full list of nominations can be found:

The 69th Emmy Awards will be held Sunday, September 17, hosted by Stephen Colbert and broadcast in the US on CBS.

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