This year The Television Academy will honour recipients of the 70th Engineering Emmy Awards for developments in broadcast technology on Wednesday, October 24th.

Among the recipients this year are:

cineSync Review and Approval

cineSync has revolutionized the way in which television shows can be pitched, produced and delivered by opening the doors to seamless international collaboration.

Marvel Studio’s Executive Producer Victoria Alonso using cineSync as part of a review session for Doctor Strange.

cineSync is daily used to facilitate the review of visual effects in high-end film and television productions. Since its release, the software has served the media production industry to enable simple and effective collaboration for teams around the globe. Participants in a cineSync review session can watch and annotate on shots, frame-by-frame, in perfect synchronisation.Iconic TV series that have utilised cineSync include; Game of Thrones (HBO), The Walking Dead (AMC), Stranger Things (Netflix), The Expanse (Syfy), and many, many more.

cineSync users can remotely review and annotate on high-resolution, high-frame-rate video with other participants in any location. Collaborators view the exact same frame at the same time on a platform that delivers the high-level security features of watermarking, guest authentication and encryption that production studios today demand.

Codex Recording Platform and Capture Media

As television standards have evolved from standard definition recording to high definition, and now to high-dynamic range at 4K resolution and high frame rates, Codex’s technology for recording uncompressed RAW digital negatives allows digital storytellers to capture all the detail required for the highest quality final product. Codex has proven itself an essential industry game-changer.

Marc Dando, Managing Director of Codex, comments: “This prestigious award especially recognizes the hard work of Delwyn Holroyd and the CODEX engineering team, who started well over a decade ago with the Codex Studio recorder and Virtual File System, which was one of the first file based workflows”.

When the team at Codex noted that digital cinematography for Television was being hampered by cumbersome and non-standard methods of capture, that tethered the cameras to large and unreliable storage appliances that lacked the suitable bandwidth and robustness, they developed the Codex Capture Drives. They then embedded the recorder into the cameras to produce the solid-state digital equivalent of film camera magazines. “We are very grateful for this very special acknowledgement of the Television Academy,” Dando added. The Codex Recording Platform and Capture Media was introduced in 2005 and was immediately adopted widely as the recording medium for uncompressed RAW capture of choice for television and feature production. Some notable Television shows captured on the Codex include recent 2018 Emmy winner; Game of Thrones, and past Emmy winner Game Change, including other award winning shows Bones, Limitless, and currently playing on NETFLIX; Altered Carbon, Ozark, and  Better Call Saul. 


The Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award will also be awarded to AVID.

This award honors an agency, company or institution whose contributions over time have substantially impacted television technology and engineering.

Avid is a leading technology provider, empowering aspiring artists, creative professionals, production teams and media enterprises to create, manage and monetize television programs, films and other media. Upon its founding 30 years ago, Avid broke new ground by reimagining and restructuring how television and film content was created with its revolutionary non-linear editor, which was the first to digitize video. Since then, Avid has grown its commitment to innovation by delivering products that accelerate the entire content ecosystem and connect people everywhere through media.