Lead product designer Philippe Soeiro walks us through tew tracking capabilities coming in the new Flame Premium 2015 Extension 2.

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You can download the file for offline viewing as well.

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7 Responses to A look at new tracking features in Flame 2015 Ext 2

  1. Hi,

    thx for the great screencast…


    Posted by ivar on
  2. Great vid. Great dev team. Thanks Philippe.


    Posted by Anthony on
  3. Thats great Philip, good stuff, keep it coming. Now if you could just spend some of the engineering dollars into restoring back the original rock-solid, fluid GUI with original color coding, that would fix everything else thats currently broken 🙂

    Posted by A Q on
    • Very very powerful stuff, thanks Philippe.

      Would have been great if this was all being implemented into the existing UI and library structure and not the current cheap and unstable looking and feeling interface.

      Posted by flameuser on
  4. Where can I find the footage?

    Posted by Fernando Andrade on
    • There’s no footage — only the movie in the article which you can watch or download.

      Posted by John Montgomery on
  5. Even a few years later… Great video.

    Posted by Maurypb on

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