ADAPT releases first video

A short info-graphic video titled “Corporate Welfare For Hollywood?” has been created explaining the mission of ADAPT (Asso­ci­a­tion of Dig­i­tal Artists, Pro­fes­sion­als & Tech­ni­cians).

This video is a collaboration between Daniel Khin Lay and Bran Dougherty-Johnson and was created to “pro­vide a digestible visual overview of the sub­ject in order to raise aware­ness, fund the legal bat­tle and cre­ate enthu­si­asm for the March in March Rally before the 2014 Oscars.

More information about ADAPT:

Corporate Welfare For Hollywood? from Bran Dougherty-Johnson on Vimeo.

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  1. Many studio have closed, but they just forgot to mention many have open too. Many lost their job and many found out a new one…

    17 years ago we could say some companies were coming in Canada Mostly for subsidies. Like in Montreal Ubisoft came there 17 years ago and got subsidies but they were also coming here because we speak french like them. today in Montreal we are thousands of the best VFX artist and companies are not coming here just for the subsidies. Yes it as a factor, but the other factor is all the talent we got here and all the good CG schools too. I think the call to stop the subsidies is just almost 20 years too late (because yes, it is also a case of timing).

    In Canada we pay a lot more taxes than you pay in the US. Those taxes can then be used to promote some industries that we like and want to keep here and attract other companies to gather here. The subsidies are paid by the people for the people here. It’s just a totally legal economic tool. It’s a bit like if a society we accepted to pay a bit for our jobs.

    It is not just a matter of paying more subsidies here or there. All is a question of timing. Once you have tens of thousands of people gathering at one place because for many reasons they think it’s the best place to be, do you think they will all suddenly move just because there is a slightly bigger carrot at the other side of the world?

    If the VFX and game companies came in Canada and settled here and they like to work here with all the talent we got, they will stay here even when the subsidies will stop.

    Last month Cinesite VFX opened a branch in Montreal. Framestore, MPC, BUF and Mikros also did the same recently.

    In Montreal and around we already have Autodesk Media and Entertainment Division HQ. Softimage and Discreet Logic birthplace, Ubisoft (since 1997), EA, Warner Brother Games, Hybride, Eidos, rodeoFX, Digital Dimension, –me StrobFX — and so on.

    Some numbers: in 2013, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Eidos, Warner Bros. and a variety of other companies have accounted for $2.3 billion of Canada’s gross domestic product in 2012.

    In 2012, full time employees in Canada’s gaming industry has risen by 5 percent to a rough total of 16,500 workers.

    Coming third to just Japan and the United States in sheer size, Canada employs more video game workers per capita than any other country in the world.

    In Canada’s Quebec province alone, 97 companies –– including Ubisoft Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Warner Bros. Montreal –– employ 8,750 full time employees.

    They are not coming here only for the subsidies… In Montreal you will also find thousands of the best CG artists and programmers in the world and strong educational funding in the CG field .

    By the way american CG artists are welcomed here, but you have to know you will be paid less, pay a lot more taxes, have a very hard time finding a doctor and everything you buy will cost you more and you have to speak French (at least some please).

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