All is Forgiven: Sale Ends

The Foundry and Autodesk have rebuilt the arrangement we reported on earlier this month and the Foundry will once again fully develop Sparks for the Autodesk Systems products. We had reported earlier in the month on the complex issues leading to the Foundry slashing prices to just 10% of their normal price, and the loss of Autodesk developer status that would end further new Spark development. This has been fully solved and new Spark development will begin again immediately, meaning that all Foundry sparks will be fully supported & tested and the community can look forward to new Sparks for the Autodesk system products.

It also means that the price reduction to just 10% of original price (90% off) will also end in about two weeks – Feb 14th. Between now an Feb 14th you can buy the Foundry Plugins for the dramatically lower ‘dispute’ pricing of US$1000 per each of Tinder and Furnace (and $500 for keylight). After that date the Spark prices all return to normal. So if you have any plans to buy, our recommendation is don’t delay.

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