Another Unpaid Workers update

The Montreal Gazette has an update on the workers from Meteor Studios – a Montreal facility that filed for bankruptcy after completing work on Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Last we heard Discovery Trademark Holding Co. Inc. and Evergreen Digital LLC had offered the workers 45% of the amount they were owed, then upped the offer to 63%. The deadline for that offer is this weekend.

I don’t want to get off on a rant, but many parts of this story have been troubling since we first heard about it back in July of 2008 and did a podcast with Dave Rand. Beyond the compensation and the fact that this is still unresolved more than a year later, it is amazing that this story has not been covered at all in the LA Times, Variety or the Hollywood Reporter.

You can read about it in the Montreal Gazette article here.

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  1. I spoke with Dave Rand this morning after I posted this and he gave me this quote that he gave to the Gazette:

    “…it’s as if we were robbed and now the police are “negotiating” with the crooks to get some of our stuff back… The Discovery Channel and Evergreen are trying to hide behind bankruptcy laws and the weak Canadian labor laws …but deep down it’s the same thing. To me it’s not even a white collar crime, it’s families being robbed in broad daylight at Christmas by a family network. Just because Discovery Holdings Co is worth Billions and they advertise in most of the US entertainment publicatons they have managed to keep it out of the US press. However, Thanks to news vehicles llke FX guide, our story gets told.”

    He also asked me to pass along that people consider the money it would have cost Discovery and Evergreen if the workers had walked off the job… either the work would have gone to other houses at higher rates or the release date would have been missed.

  2. Of course you won’t hear about it in LA Times, Variety or the Hollywood Reporter. You have to go outside of corporate owned media like Democracy Now to hear about REAL news especially news that involves the corporate media and its corrupt system. Send these stories to [email protected] ASAP. Stop being afraid of the powers that be, take a stand, UNITE!!

  3. VFX people need to get together and become unionized, however, we know what will happen if that is actually even mentioned. I mean with all of the run away production now and the global competition! it’s a wonder why Hollywood is still considered to be the capital of movie making? just my two cents!!

    BTW don’t think that this sort of thing won’t happen again.

  4. hey guys
    its not only happening in US its every where around the fatima told one has to come out this corporate owned media & look out !!

    hats off to jack fresco”zeitgeist movement”

  5. Hey Gang,
    I think the real problem is the way in which the entertainment industry relies on a vast network of “corporations” hiring other “corporations” in order to shield themselves from liability. It Is stupid. but how can you get around it

  6. The first way workers can UNITE is by not accepting to work for free from day one. The corporations have their responsibilities of not being honest with their employees. I am sure the management at Meteor Studios knew a long time before that they would “screw” their employees. That being said as Joe Rizo ; “BTW don

  7. The same thing happened at Pacific Title and Art Studio when they went bankrupt in June. Employees are still owed back vacation pay, severance, and penalties but will likely never see a dime as the main Creditor is owed so much money. This may be common these days but it certainly doesn’t make it right. When companies start bouncing checks, its already too late as the U.S. (California) Labor Law as it stands now leans in favor of banking entities (secured creditors) first and employees second or even third in line for the scraps. If artists are serious about unionizing, the time to set it up is now, even though we won’t see the protection benefits till the next major recession.

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