Australian Cinematographers Society 2013 award winners

Many fxguide readers and listeners will know director Jason Wingrove from the rc podcast. We wanted to give a special shout out to Jason, who recently received a Golden Tripod in the Corporate and Education section of the 2013 Australian Cinematographers Society National Awards for his work on ‘BHP – The Future is an Amazing Place’. As a director, Jason often films his own pieces, and that was the case with the BHP project.

You can watch the great project below:

If you’d like to see more of Jason’s work visit his web site.

…And congrats Jason from the rest of the team at fxguide! And congrats to the other great work honored by the ACS.

Another winner from the awards was cinematographer Sidat de Silva for ‘Fire Dance’, a promo featuring Poi, a Maori art that involves spinning a set of tethered weights around a person’s body in rhythmic patterns. Directed by Carlo Ledesma, this was filmed at Freshwater Beach in Sydney with the help of fxphd. Watch the promo below and see some behind the scenes photos courtesy of Mike Seymour. Congrats to Sidat and the team for their great work! You can fine more of Sidat’s work at his website.

At  the Freshwater Beach shoot.
At the Freshwater Beach shoot. Click for larger.
A closer view of the
A closer view of the fiery tethered weights.

Here’s the full list of award winners:

Milli Award & Australian Cinematographer of the Year
Jonathon Rossiter ACS
“Sleight of Hand”

Inducted Into ACS Hall Of Fame
Peter Donelly ACS
Peter Hannan ACS BSC
Mike Molloy ACS BSC
Les Wasley BEM

ACS Life Membership Bestowed
Peter Curtiss ACS
Nino MartinetI ACS

International Award For Cinematography
Roger Deakins BSC ASC

NFSA John Leake OAM ACS Emerging Cinematographer Award
Dale Bermner

Best Student Cinematography
Tim Barnsley (NSW) “Inferno” Gold Plaque

Experimental & Specialised
Jonathon Rossiter ACS (SA) “Sleight of Hand” Golden Tripod

John Bowring ACS, TV Station Breaks & Promos
Sidat de Silva (NSW) “Firedance” Golden Tripod

Music Videos
Edward Goldner (Vic) Kimbra “Come Into My Head” Award of Distinction
Zoe White (NSW) Exit Music “The Night” Golden Tripod

Single Camera News, Local & Regional
Adam Wilson (NSW) “Muslim Protest” Golden Tripod

News Directors Award
Adam Wilson (NSW) 7News “Muslim Protest” Gold Plaque

Neil Davis International News
Matthew Allard (NSW) “Skin Deep” Golden Tripod

Current Affairs
Lee Ali (WA) “Too Young To Work” Award of Distinction
Mark Dobbin (Tas) “Yakuza” Golden Tripod

TV Magazine, Lifestyle & Reality
Simon Nicholls (SA) “Chef On The Road” Golden Tripod

Corporate & Educational
Miles Rowland (SA) “Future Health Leaders Conference Promo” Award of Distinction
Jason Wingrove (NSW) “BHP – The Future is an Amazing Place” Golden Tripod

Documentaries, Cinema & TV
Ben Emery (NSW) “Mustang – A Kingdom on the Edge” Award of Distinction
Dion Beebe ACS ASC (NSW) “Zen of Bennett” Golden Tripod

Ron Tayor AM ACS Wildlife / Nature
Malcolm Ludgate ACS (SA) “Monster Bug Wars Series 2” Award of Distinction
Richard Fitzpatrick “Great Barrier Reef Episode 1” Golden Tripod

Virtual Cinematography
David Peers (NSW) “Happy Feet” (Cinematographer Camera) Golden Tripod
David Dulac (NSW) “Happy Feet” (Cinematographer Lighting) Golden Tripod

Commercials Local / Regional
Benjamin Shepherd (NSW) “Morris Janks” Golden Tripod

Commercials National / International
Simon Ozolins (Vic) Foxtel “Favourite Things” Award of Distinction
Daniel Ardilley ACS (NSW) “HSBC Rugby” Golden Tripod

Dramatised Documentaries
Jaems Grant ACS (Vic) “Australia On Trial – Mount Rennie Outrage” Golden Tripod

Fictional Drama Shorts
Jason Hargreaves ACS (Qld) “Beatlefeeders” Golden Tripod

Telefeatures, TV Drama & Miniseries
Toby Oliver ACS (NSW) “Beaconsfield” Award of Distinction
Dave Cameron (NSW) “Bliss The Beginning of Katherine Mansfield” Golden Tripod

Features Cinema
Adam Arkapaw (Vic) “Lore” Golden Tripod

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