Autodesk releases 20th Anniversary Edition of Flame

The new release of Flame hit the streets today and while it’s a sign that Autodesk is committed to the product, it’s also a big change for users. We’ll be rolling out coverage of the “20th Anniversary Edition” this week, beginning with our first selection of training videos covering the new release. The first videos, available over at our sister site, cover a UI Overview, The Media Hub, Desktop, and Timeline Basics. We will have even more videos available in the coming days.

We’ll also have complete coverage here on fxguide in the coming days. On Wednesday, we’ll be publishing a full article detailing the new changes as well as our impressions of the release. Then on Thursday, lead designer Philippe Soeiro joins us for an fxpodcast covering the release.

In the meantime, you can check out our IBC fxguidetv episode with Soeiro covering the release.

Here’s the email announcement from Autodesk which announced the new release to subscription customers today:

Product News
The following 20th Anniversary Edition and Extension 1 releases are now available for download by Autodesk® Subscription customers:
Autodesk® Flame® Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Edition software
Autodesk® Flame® 2013 20th Anniversary Edition software
Autodesk® Flare™ 2013 Extension 1 software
Autodesk® Smoke® Advanced 2013 Extension 1 software
Autodesk® Lustre® 2013 Extension 1 software
Autodesk® Inferno® 2013 Extension 1 software
Autodesk® Flint® 2013 Extension 1 software
Autodesk® Smoke® 2013 Extension 1 software (Linux® operating system)
Autodesk® Backdraft® Conform 2013 Extension 1 software

Major Workflow Redesign
The Flame and Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Editions feature a major redesign of the workflow, integrating the powerful visual effects toolset of Flame 2013 with the full set of story-driven editorial tools of Smoke Advanced 2013. The Extension 1 releases also offer a new workflow.

Install and Learn
Continue to use your 2013 release (shipped in April 2012) in production, and make the switch to the 20th Anniversary Edition workflow when you are ready. Autodesk highly recommends familiarizing yourself with the new workflow in the 20th Anniversary Edition and/or Extension 1 release prior to use in production.

Get started with free online videos by fxguide
Autodesk has partnered with fxguide to provide Getting Started videos that will help artists quickly understand how to take advantage of the new creative workspace, redesigned timeline, conform toolset, and Autodesk Color Management tools in Flame and Flame Premium. The 20th Anniversary Edition Getting Started tutorials are free and available online.

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Getting Started Videos
Learn the new Flame workflow faster with free fxguide getting started videos. Learn about the new creative workspace, redesigned timeline, Autodesk Color Management and more.

Not a Flame Premium customer yet?
Take a closer look at the Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Edition and contact your local Sales Representative to find out more about the advantages of upgrading to Flame Premium, a single solution for 3D visual effects and look development.

Licensing and Installing the 2013 Extension Releases
Autodesk recommends continuing to use your 2013 release (shipped in April 2012) in production and make the switch to the Flame or Flame Premium 20th Anniversary and/or Extension 1 releases when you are ready and familiar with the new workflow.

Licensing Information
As an eligible Subscription customer, a license key for the 2013 Extension 1 release of the product will be sent to you via email. Instructions for installing the license key are provided in the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Installation Information
You must update all Linux® operating systems on your workstations to DKU 7.5.0, except for Autodesk Flare workstations which do not require a DKU. The download link for the DKU is provided below. Prior to installing the software, it is important that you consult the latest Release Notes, and Installation and Configuration Guide for information on installing the DKU and on platform compatibility.