The winners of the EE British Academy Film Awards were announced at aceremony at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on Sunday 12 February 2017.  The winners in selected categories are:

Special Visual Effects
The Jungle Book

Winners’ acceptance speech:

ROBERT LEGATO: Thank you so much to the British Academy and  to the UK in general for allowing us in the country. We really appreciate that. Also, I guess I have to thank the UK for Kipling; pretty good story that we got to work from. If I can introduce the people probably most responsible for the calibre and quality of the film, besides Jon Favreau, Alan Horn and Disney, are these three geniuses behind me.

ADAM VALDEZ: Thanks. We wanted to just say thanks to BAFTA for recognising the over 800 artists at MPC Film in London who worked on the film. Every blade of grass and tuft of hair and performance you see was made by artisans. So this is for you guys. Cheers.

DAN LEMMON: I just want to thank my team back at Weta  Digital in New Zealand. Very talented and, without them, we couldn’t be here today.

ANDREW R JONES:  And lastly, I would just like to thank all the fathers, mothers, spouses and families of all the artists. Without your love and support, we couldn’t do what we do. Thank you very much.

Monkey and Kubo.

Animated Film
Kubo and the Two Strings

Winners’ acceptance speech:

TRAVIS KNIGHT: Wow. I am not going to lie, I did not see this coming.

You know, this film was a wholehearted labour of love over five years in the making, and over the course of it, we tried to get to a distillation of childhood.

As we were making it, I came across this terrific quote by the great filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who said that every boy wants either a train set or to make a martial arts movie. And I never had a train set, so I made a martial arts movie. But hopefully one that showcases the power of family and imagination of love and, above all else, empathy, because I believe that Hal David and Burt Bacharach were right when they said: what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

But there is another thing that there is just too little of, and that’s empathy. That is ultimately what this film is about. That is why this award means so much to me and our entire crew.

I want to give a special thanks to the Academy for honouring us. To Focus Features and Universal for having our back every step of the way. To my extraordinary producer, Arianne Sutner, I absolutely adore you, I love you. And to our entire cast and crew, led by Art Parkinson, you are the best. This film really was about families. So to our families and our loved ones, I love you. To mom and dad, I love you. My world, my partner in crime, my dream team. I love all of you. And tonight, with this exquisite, shiny metal cudgel in hand, I am pretty fond of all you guys too!

So thank you, cheers.

For a complete list of winners:

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