Clarisse iFX – the look dev, lighting and rendering application seems to have come a long way since being announced only a few years ago. Today, makers of Clarisse announced that one of the largest VFX studios in the world, Double Negative, is adopting the tool, along with CNode, Clarisse’s command-line rendering engine for render farms.

Isotropix is also unveiling Clarisse iFX 2.0 at SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver, with updated rendering support for volume rendering, Open VDB, deep image output through OpenEXR 2.0, double sided vector displacements and a new AOV engine.

Above: watch a demo video introducing Clarisse iFX 2.0.

Dneg has already been using Clarisse on films such as Godzilla and the upcoming Exodus. In a press release, Dneg CTO Graham Jack said, “The ethos at Dneg is to place trust in our artists to be creative and take responsibility for making their work look good, rather than simply expecting them to plug things into a pipeline. With Clarisse, Isotropix have created a tool that feels like it is designed for artists rather than technicians. It puts the image at the core of the workflow and allows our artists to constantly view and interact with their rendered image. This means our artists can focus on making the creative decisions which make the work look better and are much less likely to make mistakes.”

“In tandem with this of course,” added Jack, “working on projects of the scale that we routinely do at Dneg, the flow of data through the pipeline is also key. Thankfully Clarisse has been designed in such a way to make this integration work fairly painless and Isotropix have been very proactive in helping us find the best way to do this.”

Isotropix co-founder and CTO Sébastien Guichou also commented in a release: ““When we started working with DNeg in November 2012, we had never imagined the amount of detail and complexity those guys were managing in their production scenes. There are only very few studios around the world such as DNeg that are able to do just that. While Clarisse promises unrivaled level of interactivity to artists, it was a very serious technical challenge to achieve it on their production scenes.”

You can find out more about Clarisse iFX 2.0 on Isotropix’s website. Isotropix will also be making a number of presentations on their tools during SIGGRAPH (see the schedule).

And fxguide will have more coverage on the new Clarisse iFX release and also how Dneg will be using the tool in their pipeline.

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