Mike is currently having a blast in Singapore at the inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, which started today. The original SIGGRAPH show has got to be our favorite of the year, with its mix of creative and intellectual stimulation. But one thing that was missing in action this past year was the Electronic Theater — always a highlight of the show. Back in the day, Jeff Heusser even used to put the Electronic Theater together at Editel Chicago. That’s how close to it we are.

Now we totally understand the need to tinker and change and test things. Hell, we do it all the time at fxguide and fxphd. But the idea was tried and it didn’t really work. In speaking with other artists, we found that it was a nearly unanimous sentiment that everyone missed the Electronic Theatre. We sure did.

So to show our support for ACM SIGGRAPH , we’ve started a grassroots online petition to let the SIGGRAPH organizers know how much we and others missed the event. Please take a moment to sign the online petition and help sway the organizers to bring it back to New Orleans. And while you’re at it, reserve August 3rd through the 7th on your calendar for SIGGRAPH 2009.

If you really want to help out, click through and download image badges you can put on your blog or web site to help promote the cause.

Use these images on your website or blog, and link to the following petition URL:

14 thoughts on “Bring Back the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they missed the electronic theater in LA, but 2008 was my first SIGGRAPH so I never got a chance to see it. What were the main differences between the electronic theater and the animation festival?

  2. The difference?

    The difference between going to a red carpet movie premiere, and randomly turning on your TV. Sure, Casino Royale may be showing in each instance, but it’s just *different*. One is a one time excusive anticipated event, and the other is just stuff showing randomly.

    The Animation theatre has just been random stuff showing. Which is fine. But if you went to the animation theatre, you couldn’t talk to others afterwards “did you *see* that wierd french movie with the burning hamster in the cage” (Sidenote; why are the wierd ones always french? what do they put in the bread over there, really?) because you don’t know if some other patron saw *that*.

    The ET was the best of the best of the best, carefully selected and edited, and anyone who went to an ET showing got the same. Including the burning hamster.


  3. If the quality of the first three posters who commented on this are any indication : everyone wants ET back. I spoke to so many senior senior researches and Studio people here at Siggraph Asia and everyone without exception wants it back. We love ET – Love Siggraph – Bring it Back 🙂 Please



  4. SAVE ET!

    Definitely one of the highlights of Siggraph for me. Getting something into the Electronic Theater is the career goal of many a CG nut (myself included). Don’t rob me of my dreams and aspirations – it’s un-American dammit!

  5. Electronic theatre was certainly one of the highlights of Siggraph. A big show with some great stuff, and recently some really cool interactive crowd games for warm up.

    So, yes, please bring it back!

  6. The ET is nice to fill any moments between sessions and a busy floor… Nice to relax and in the main time get that artists WOW-shot ,-) I’ve loved it since my first siggraph and missed it this year ,-)



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  9. I had heard that something like this was in the works, but it appears that the E.T. is back for this year (in the form of the Evening Theater):

    Expected to be one of the highlights of the Computer Animation Festival, the Evening Theater (ET), will run Monday through Thursday, showcasing a cross section of the “best of” juried and invited films. In order to allow attendees flexibility in their schedule, the times when the juried and the invited best of screenings will alternate each night. The films will be chosen based on the voting of a jury of industry experts. “We are excited to add a new twist to the competition screenings based on feedback from the past year that combines the flexibility of the programming with the need of the attendees to have a designated screening that showcases the best of the best,” Archibeque added.

    Found it on this press release:



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