Broadcast and ident design highlights

Here’s a couple of broadcast design and idents projects that have caught our eye recently – from NASCAR to MTV and the BBC.

Fox Sports NASCAR – Engine Room

The Daytona 500 broadcast on Fox featured on air graphics and branding by Engine Room, including the Show Open as both daytime and night versions.

With a hyper-real look, the opener features Fox Sports branding icons and animated cars plus a new chrome Fox X-Car with high-tech robot driver Speedus. Engine Room used Maya for modeling and animation and V-Ray for rendering. Dynamics were created with Maya particles and compositing completed in After Effects.

Engine Room has also provided fxguide with this gallery of before and after imagery from the Show Open:

Spec pass.
Normals pass.
Normals pass.

BBC ‘Where Next?’ – The Mill

Using archived BBC footage, The Mill and its design outfit Mill+ helped create a new promo for the British broadcaster together with RKCR Y&R, Red Bee media and director Anthony Dickenson.

Transitions were worked up in Flame after an enormous library of clips had been researched (which also meant different formats). Other footage was also treated to match period looks, and sometimes new shots inserted into the archival ones. The Mill+ team built an authentic-look animated Ceefax version of John Cleese, and the graphics for the Olympics player and iPlayer sections. There’s also a TARDIS added to the end sequence.

MTV IDOL – Polynoid

Berlin-based studio Polynoid completed this set of idents for French channel MTV IDOL, in conjunction with MTV Milan Design Studio. Polynoid features several film stills and a few concepts on its website, as well as an excerpt from the original brief: “The epic moment of transformations from something normal to an extraordinary creature, as well as super heroes or princesses in fairy tales do, music idols switched during their careers from being one of the crowd to be the one that everyone admires.”

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