We caught up with Les Zellan from Cooke Lens. Cooke recently we introduced the Panchros (or Mini-S4s as Les jokes). We talk to Les and test a couple of lens.


Cooke's goal with these smaller, lighter lenses was to deliver a smaller, lighter lens with the same resolution, optical quality and reliability as the S4/i. In fact at T2.8 it should be impossible to tell the difference between the smaller Panchros and the more established S4i.  We decided to test a couple of the primes on a RED EPIC, -the Panchros match the 5K resolution pipeline extremely well. They are small, light but also with the famous Cooke Look.

The Panchros include the i/tech data option as standard. This feature has been implemented in all the Cooke lenses and it allows the data from the camera to feed into the meta data stream of the camera. The Sony F3 implements this function which means that there is a near constant steam of len, zoom, or focus information logged as the camera shoots. The value to post -production of having i/tech data available is huge. It allows much better camera tracking as so long as it is encoded in the metadata- this information should be both

1. reliable

2. ease to find, access and use.

Companies such as Pixel farm have already adopted supporting this i/tech data. Red has stated its intent to do so but as yet the pipeline is not full working. Sony adopting the format extension is therefore extremely important and exciting news.


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