It appears that C.O.R.E Digital is closing down.

C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, was one of Canada's leading digital visual effects and animation studios, based in Toronto, Ontario. The company is closing very abruptly, it seems. Reports on the net are circulating that this closure was so sudden employees entitlements may be in question, (we have not been able to independently confirm this), however Canadian Laws (for medium to large companies) should protect at least part of employee back pay and entitlements.

The company has long produced outstanding visual effects for both TV and film including the Tudors (SHOWTIME), THE LAST SAMURAI, MR.HOLLAND'S OPUS and RUNAWAY BRIDE.

It was recently also involved with Director Chris Landreth's unique, award winning animation project, The Spine, working with from Seneca.

The company was started in the spring of 1994, "armed with the idea that a studio designed by artists for artists would promote the best creative environment, Bob Munroe, John Mariella, Kyle Menzies and William Shatner founded C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures" - CORE Web site.

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