Much has been written about the weakness in the feature film post and effects markets, but there is a lot of great new strength in other areas of the industry that we think should get some attention.

In this interview (originally from fxphd) we speak to one of the founders of Naked Communications in Sydney, Adam Ferrier. Naked is a company at the forefront of behavioral change, and while it is strictly speaking an ‘advertising agency’, it does so much more than mindless 30 sec spots which repeat the same over used formula of just USP (unique selling point), logo, URL and slogan.

Naked Communications, with offices around the world, seeks to come up with really strong original creative ideas that many may say are ‘outside the box’ ideas. But they are all based on real and very solid research. The company is an amazing mix of wild creativity and hard core theoretical research. At the core of all of it is – how can we use the creative tools we have – TV, internet and more – to deliver behavioral change?

This was recorded after hearing Adam speak at PromaxBDA 2011 in Sydney. This year’s PromaxBDA 2012 is about to happen (Sept 21st and 22nd). Click here for more details.

Adam Ferrier is Founding Partner, Head of Behavioural Science, Naked Communications.

Watch the interview.

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