CS4 RED on Nov 20th

The Adobe support for .r3d files: 

Next week Adobe will ship a full native workflow for RED in Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects CS4 and even Encore CS4.

Adobe claims the .r3d implementation has come along way since the IBC demos  “more performance, more stability, more options, and tuning it to CS4 which is architected for 64 bit systems so that you can stuff it full of memory and get that smooth as butter experience”.

“Import your R3D files, change resolution on the fly, pop into full resolution for some detail work, drop all the way down to 1/16th for fast cuts on a laptop — it’s all there”.

Adobe also said on reduser that they are “working the RED gang on exposing more control on the realtime de-bayering… and of course with Assimilate on making it a full, clean, raw end to end workflow ”

Expect the importer to be posted with RED and linked from Adobe before Thanksgiving. Nov 20th (subject to change).

5 thoughts on “CS4 RED on Nov 20th”

  1. Didn’t Jim Jannard say this would be out at the end of August? I love that the headline has “November 20th” in it and they are still disclaiming it with “subject to change.” They should really just be quiet until they’re ready to actually release something, or at least say “soon” instead of a hard date they’ll probably miss again.

    I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I can actually download it.

  2. Nice…kind of answers a couple of bugging questions in my mind about Adobe’s stance for a full native .r3d workflow.

    I reckon working at Red must be like putting all your factory staff on display in your shop window, allowing anyone to point and stare…it must be crazy sometimes to syncronize everything but I too will be pleasantly surprised when I can actually download it.

    Thanks Mike for keeping us up to speed.

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