fxguide spoke to ILM VFX supervisor Craig Hammack about Deepwater Horizon in our fxpodcast #314.

ILM has just released their making of reel for the film that shows many of the points Craig discussed with mike in that interview.

fxpodcast #314: ILM and Deepwater Horizon

Fun Facts on the Film which is Nominated for an Oscar this year.

  • ILM ran a total of 27,573 unique fire simulations during the production, more than any show in ILM history.
  • 2,408 distinct CG fire elements were created.
  • The film took 65,064 hours of computation, (not including artist time!).
  • It was filmed entirely on land.
  • It was a fully CG oil rig asset; realistic in both day and nighttime; then deteriorates once it succumbs to the effects of mud, methane explosions, fire, and the ocean.  
  • The rig asset was used for up close shots, set extensions, and establishing shots.
  • The complicated lighting rig had 300+ lights, each powered individually, as each light goes on and off as the power goes on and off on the rig.
  • The completed rig asset had 34,000 objects and 17 million polygons.

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