DigiPro 2013 preview

Last year, fxguide attended the inaugural Digital Production Symposium right before SIGGRAPH 2012. It was held at DreamWorks Animation and featured a mix of computer graphics research and production sessions.

After a successful beginning, this year DigiPro will take place at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa on 20th July, a day prior to SIGGRAPH in Anaheim. Walt Disney Animation Studios and OLM Group are co-sponsors. fxguide will once again cover the event – we are also the official podcast of DigiPro and will be bringing you special preview coverage and insight – stay tuned for a look at Dneg’s levelsets talk.

Pixar’s Tony DeRose.

Symposium Co-Chair Larry Cutler (a former DreamWorks Animation TD) says “we hope to bring together artists and technologist in one space and give them lots of great material to spark conversations and hopefully future work. We want to establish DigiPro a venue where studios can have their hard work showcased and recognized.”

“This year we are very excited to present a great set of papers and talks from studios around the world,” says Cutler, “and to have Tony DeRose, head of Pixar’s research division, as the keynote speaker”

Cutler also notes that DigiPro will benefit “anyone who is interested in understanding how high-end production work gets put on the screen” and that extends to “technical developers, to artists, to production teams, to students and researchers.”

The keynote speaker will be Tony DeRose, Research Group Lead, Pixar Animation Studios. He is presenting on recent research at Pixar. His talk will survey a number of current and recent projects underway, providing an overview of their production pipeline and the approach to research at the studio.

Here’s a list of the papers and talks:

Pixar’s OpenSubdiv
– Bill Polson, Pixar Animation Studios

Smooth Contact-Aware Facial Blendshapes Transfer – Jun Saito, Marza Animation Planet, Inc.

Stereo Compositing Accelerated by Quadtree Structures in Piecewise Linear and Curvilinear Spaces – Dmitiy Pinskiy, Joseph Longson, Peter Kristof, Evan Goldberg, Robert Neuman (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

An Interactive System for Set Reconstruction from Multiple Input Sources – Mikhail Smirnov, Eugene Vendrovsky, Joe Mancewicz, Jonathan Meier, Cyrus Wilson (Rhythm & Hues Studio)

Image from An Interactive System for Set Reconstruction from Multiple Input Sources.
Image from An Interactive System for Set Reconstruction from Multiple Input Sources.

Towards Higher Quality Character Performance in Previz – Stacy Marsella, Ari Shapiro, Andrew Feng, Yuyu Xu, Margaux Lhommet, Stefan Scherer (Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California)

Building Efficient Fur Pipeline for a Low Cost Production of Creature-based Feature Film – Wanho Choi, Taekyung Yoo, Sanghoon Kim, Hyungsuk Ko, Tae-Yong Kim (Dexter Digital, Seoul National University, NVIDIA)

Developing a Unified Pipeline with Character – Andrew Kaufman, John Haddon, Ivan Imanishi, Lucio Moser (Image Engine)

Iron Man 3.
Iron Man 3.

MorphoLogical Anti-Aliasing in Production – Marc Salvati, Yosuke Katsura, Ken Anjyo (OLM Digital, Inc.)

Render-Time Manipulation and Generation of Levelsets – Harry Biddle, Ted Waine and Ian Masters (Double Negative)

Liquids in “The Croods” – Jeff Budsberg, Michael Losure, Ken Museth, Matt Baer (DreamWorks Animation)

Guide Rig: The Magic Behind Suit-Connect – Guy Williams, Aaron Gilman (Weta Digital)


Find out more about DigiPro at their website http://olm.co.jp/digipro2013/.

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