eyeon To Show Fusion 6 At SIGGRAPH 2008

eyeon announced a new version of their flagship composting product Fusion today, which gets a bump to version 6. The release joins the stereoscopic compositing crowd with integrated compositing and viewing. They also have put time into improving their 3D system with a new 3D Open GL renderer, environment mapping, bump maps and more.

We’ll be talking to eyeon next week at SIGGRAPH, but in the meantime, click through for the press release…..

Toronto, Canada – August 6, 2008 – eyeon Software Inc. announces Fusion 6, a major upgrade to their flagship compositing application, which will be on display for the first time at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles.

Steve Roberts, co-founder and CEO of eyeon Software, created Fusion to solve some of production’s biggest VFX problems. With a rich history in the development of its tools for compositors, Fusion has emerged as a leader in innovation, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2008.

Fusion is a true workhorse in the global VFX community, and is the industry standard that today’s top post-production facilities depend on to create high-end visual effects. Already the tool of choice for many of the most accomplished facilities in the world, including BLUR, CAFEFX, Digital Dimension, Envy Post, Peerless Camera Company, Prime Focus, RUSHES, Tata Elxsi, Worldwide FX, and many others, Fusion continues to be developed through a progression of strong and timely releases. With the release of 6, Fusion delivers a consistent environment for seamless image quality across multiple platforms, and is available for a single license fee on Linux, Windows x64, Windows 32bit desktop PCs, and Intel-based Macs.

Fusion 6’s major new features and enhancements are detailed below:

Stereoscopic and Multi-Layer Imaging System Stereoscopic Views View stereo pairs in 3D in the views and support for stereo monitors. Fusion’s 3D environment has full support of stereo with eye separation and convergence controls.

3D In Stereo View the 3D environment in stereo.

New Multi-Layer Imaging This system allows for composition node flow to process multiple images, all using Fusion’s Deep Pixel pipeline. Updated support for EXR/SXR in a single loader.
New 3D System This is a major update and is designed for ease of expansion. This will be released as part of the SDK.

Production Quality OpenGL Renderer Resolution independent and floating point rendering. Super-sampling with reconstruction filters. New plugable CG Shaders. Deep Pixel rendering of Normals, Texture Co-ordinates, Material ID, Object ID, Diffuse, Specular and Shadows, etc.

3D Environment Tools Environment mapped reflections and refractions. 3D Cube and Sphere mapping.

New 3D Material Tools New lighting materials, Blinn, Phong, Cook-Torrance and Ward. Material merging tool.

New Bump Mapped Materials Bump mapped from height maps. Bump mapped reflections and refractions.

UVW Mapping Set spherical, planar, box, fit, etc, mapping co-ordinates.

Alpha Projections Project alpha and re-light the projection.

3D Blend Modes All 2D blend modes supported in 3D, including Screen, Multiply, Color Dodge, Difference, Exclusion, etc. 3D blend modes can be assigned to any 3D object.

Matte Objects Use 3D geometric primitives or meshes as 3D mattes in the scene, with Z-depth and alpha control.

FBX Caching Performance of FBX loading by caching of FBX model data.

FBX Updated Improved importing of scenes, camera paths, lights, geometry, baked animation, etc.

FBX Exporter Exports geometry, lights, camera and animation.

ROIDS Region Of Interest Domain System. This system allows for user-definable areas to limit processing, significantly improving performance and memory usage for large scale compositions.

File Browser Includes image previews and metadata, with gamma control for non-linear images.

Toolbars Can contain tools, scripts, macros and settings.

3D Navigation Depth-cued 3D controls. Zoom to selected object, etc.

“Fusion 6 development is a celebration of 20 years of delivering the world’s best compositor. The new 3D system alone demonstrates that this product family architecture is designed to meet extreme production needs. eyeon has a core development team that has very successfully focused on film and post-production tools longer than anyone else, and proof is that Fusion rocks!”

Michael Bailey, Senior Director of Sales eyeon Software

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  1. “and is available for a single license fee on Linux, Windows x64, Windows 32bit desktop PCs, and Intel-based Macs.”

    When they say “Intel-based Macs” does that mean OS X or boot camp? If its OS X this is a great day!

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