As part of our Red Centre Podcast coverage we want to share this clip with you that compares the Canon 5D Mk II and the new Sony F3. In this test, both cameras were attached to the same tripod locked together - and then panned over the same technical background. The results show the F3 recording a considerably better rolling shutter and the benefit of the F3 not line skipping. The 5D - while having a very high resolution sensor - reduces this image to 1920x1080 in a very abrupt way. So while the larger sensor gives the cinematographer a shallower depth of field, - the poorer technical down res-ing produces some really unwelcome artifacts.

Of course, the 5D does manage to produce good shots every day around the world. Our intend here is is to highlight the technical issues and allow the cinematographer to shoot knowing the issues and the risks. Click here for a 100meg HD mov sample

For more on the F3 listen to fxguide's Red Centre podcast #076. There is also considerable more testing in this week's fxphd BKD course, at Special thanks for the footage to Jason Wingrove (co-host of Red Centre and well known International TVC Director)

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