Feng Zhu + Iron Man with Dav Rauch: fxguidetv

In this week’s fxguidetv we have a designer focused special episode. We lead with world renowned Concept Designer Feng Zhu from his new Studio in Singapore and then look at the HUD (Heads Up Display) design of the Iron Man with Dav Rauch. Both men are exceptional designers. Angie and the team get in depth on their thinking, their approaches and the techniques they use to produce such stunning and impressive work. This episode is a real treat for anyone interested in cutting edge visual design.

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5 thoughts on “Feng Zhu + Iron Man with Dav Rauch: fxguidetv”

  1. Fantastic ep. Really great Nuke demo. I’d love to get my hands on that script. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks so much Guys!!
    Awesome the Nuke Review for the HUD ( and remember the great podcast with Orphanage at the time the movie was release) and great insight tips from Feng Zhu..
    Keep doing it Guys .. Great Work !!

  3. Another brilliant Nuke demo!! Always great to see the ways in which artists solve interesting challenges, and actually show you the inner workings of the software and scripts they created, instead of some flashy showreel breakdown.

    Awesome work guys.. keep em coming! 🙂

  4. Not being much of an art guy i went in skeptical of getting much mileage out of this ep.How wrong i was.This guy’s amazing.
    Treating light like water…nice 😉

    Nuke enabled artist’s are insane.
    The app’s wearing the pants around here(Film Comp) for sure.

    Excellent ep mike.Hope we can discuss this on the PHD


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