If you’ve been following the history of Frame.io then you’ll already know they’ve firmly established themselves as a forerunner in the video review and collaboration arena.

What the task list looks like in Frame.io's new Premiere Pro CC panel.
What the task list looks like in Frame.io’s new Premiere Pro CC panel.

And while many users already utilized the online side of Frame.io and its integration with FCPX, something was missing – a connection with Adobe Premiere.

Well, now Frame.io has announced a new (and free) extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC that allows real-time collaboration into what seems like the industry-standard editing suite.

Frame.io comes from industry people. Indeed, vfxshow regular, director and digital video pro Jason Diamond is part of the team. Coming from the biz, the founders got sick, frankly, of the random ways of sharing and collaborating on videos, say using Dropbox, Vimeo and email, with clients and their own colleagues. Their idea was to make Frame.io an all-encompassing solution, and that industry know-how basically means just about any Frame.io update is designed to improve your workflow.

Here’s what the new Premiere Pro CC extension, in particular, will let you do:

– Share a cloud bin / source media
– Upload an Adobe Premiere Pro CC timeline, project, or an entire bin
– Receive real-time comments from collaborators, synced to the timeline
– Bi-directional syncing of markers-to-comments and comments-to-markers
– Iterate on creative ideas with one click auto-versioning

You can download the extension here: https://frame.io/premiere. Frame.io also has a range of monthly plan options available depending on business and team needs. There’s also a free plan to try it out.

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  1. Jocelyn Deguise

    Installed it. Tried it. Loved it. Only negative: the free version’s 2GB of storage is way too low for anything serious. So I looked at the pricing and it really doesn’t suit what I’m willing to pay for my needs. I’m hoping they’ll offer more options in the next few months.

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