fxguide at the SciTechs

In this special gallery we feature images taken by fxguide’s Mike Seymour at the recent Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scientific and Technical Awards. See the full list of achievements that were honored here.

Ronald D. Henderson
Ronald D. Henderson, recognized for the development of the FLUX gas simulation system.
Dr. Peter Hillman, recognized for the long-term development and continued advancement of innovative, robust and complete toolsets for deep compositing.

Presenter Michael B. Jordan.
Presenter Michael B. Jordan.
Jeremy Selan, recognized for the development of the OpenColorIO color management framework.

Eric Veach (left) and Thomas Lokovi
Eric Veach (left), and Thomas Lokovi, recognized for their influential research and publication of the fundamental concepts of deep shadowing technology.
Actress Kristen Bell.

Matt Phar (left), Greg Humphreys (center) and Pat Hanrahan, recognized for their formalization and reference implementation of the concepts behind physically based rendering, as shared in their book Physically Based Rendering.
Jan Sperling, Emmanuel Prévinaire, Etienne Brandt and Tony Postiau.

Peter Anderson, who received the Gordon E. Sawyer awards and Charles Marburg who received the John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation.
Peter Hillman accepts his award.

oscar2014Scitech-43 Nolan
Director Christopher Nolan presented an Academy Award of Merit – an Oscar Statuette – honoring “all those who built and operated film laboratories, for over a century of service to the motion picture industry.”
oscar2014Scitech-41Ronald D. Henderson
Ronald D. Henderson accepts his award.

Ofer Alon was recognized for the design and implementation of the ZBrush software tool for multi-resolution sculpting of digital models.
oscar2014Scitech-39Johannes Saam
Colin Doncaster, Johannes Saam, Areito Echevarria, Janne Kontkanen and Chris Cooper were recognized for the development, prototyping and promotion of technologies and workflows for deep compositing.

oscar2014Scitech-35 Eric Veach
Thomas Lokovic and Eric Veach.
oscar2014Scitech-34 Jeremy
Jeremy Selan accepts his award.

Joshua Pines, David Reisner, Lou Levinson, Curtis Clark, ASC, and David Registe
Joshua Pines, David Reisner, Lou Levinson, Curtis Clark, ASC, and David Register were recognized for the development of the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List technology.
Kristen Bell accepted a 'special' award.
Kristen Bell accepted a ‘special’ award.


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