fxguidetv #30 @ SIGGRAPH : fake or real?

In this our first netcast from Siggraph we follow up on last week’s netcast with Paul Debevec. We speak to the team at Image Metrics about the facial animation of Emily. In an interview with the real actress she herself did not believe the animation was not just footage of her. This could represent the bridge to the other side of the uncanny divide of unnatural facial animation.

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9 thoughts on “fxguidetv #30 @ SIGGRAPH : fake or real?”

  1. The clip from image metrics was too short. Is there a longer clip that shows more of what they did? The camera didn’t move at all in the clip shown.

    I was expecting to be blown away, but … the clip was just too short to really see what they had done.

  2. On the booth they showed about 90 seconds of animation in an interview style Q&A with Emily. The entire video I am sure can be gotten from Image Metrics, I am surprised to not see it on their website but I’m sure they are still in Siggraph wrap up mode.

  3. So, just to be clear, the only CG part is the face. The hair, clothing, arms, environment, etc were taken from the original video and the CG face was composited over the original face, right?

    Sorry to be dense, just making sure I understand what was done here.

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