fxguidetv #029 Posted

fxguidetv is back this week with a special pre-SIGGRAPH episode. Mike Seymour recently sat down with Paul Debevec to catch up on the research Debevec and his team have been doing. It’s very interesting stuff, including a cool discussion about separating the specular and subsurface properties of skin and how it relates to creating high resolution facial geometry. In addition, they also discuss some of the must-see highlights of the SIGGRAPH conference.

fxguidetv will be netcasting multiple episodes next week from SIGGRAPH 2008 in Los Angeles. To be notified automatically and have the episodes downloaded in iTunes, subscribe via this link. Visit the fxguidetv page for the direct RSS feed links.

4 thoughts on “fxguidetv #029 Posted”

  1. great podcast, with the legend himself, pls can we have more fxguidetv’s like this
    thanks for the great work!

  2. Glad you like it guys, thanks for posting – we have more coming all next week.
    Some stuff is just amazing – we cant wait to show you – it is truly exceptional


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