shervinRight on the heels on the incredibly popular segment in our last fxguidetv, we have another feature from IBC featuring work in Nuke. In episode #71 Shervin Shoghian, compositing supervisor at Image Engine, shows off some insane 3D tricks from work they did on District 9. This is another great example of how to use Nuke's 3D compositing environment to make compositing easier for artists.

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  • I love this kind of episode, where you show some incredible vfx breakdowns and tips, It always inspire me.


  • jose_he_rrera

    Thanks Guys!! Really Awesome this ep.

  • Easily one of the best episodes of fxguidetv! What an incredible workflow for doing something Nuke wasn’t even designed to do. Having a fully animated character moving through 3D space really changes everything. Is a position pass something one can generate from any RenderMan compliant renderer or is that also something they developed in-house? I have been working on my own project recently using basic 3D character rigs to help create more interesting lighting reference and elaborate camera movement for 2d hand-drawn animation. Even a tool that gave basic reference to the 3d character’s position in worldspace would be incredibly useful.

    Thanks for the fantastic video and info you guys are all amazing!

  • Shane

    Great episode. The idea of warping 2d footage over a point cloud is really very clever. I want to know the same thing as Andrew, do most renderers output a position pass?
    It would be great to see something like this tool in a future release of Nuke.

  • James Price

    Truly inspiring!

  • user

    its pretty easy to output a point position pass from most 3d software. In rib complient renderers most will have an AOV option by default. In mental ray you can use this technique:

  • I will go on record as saying I wet my pants a little bit when I watched this vids. One of my mates was a compositor on D9 and he said they stuff they got to work with was amazing.

    Well done to everyone who worked on the movie, especially the Image Engine team.

  • absolute genius on the pointclouds, very happy to have seen this live@ibc and to re-watch!

  • hadi

    it’s amazing .
    tanx too fxguidtv and bravo too shervin !