A new episode of fxguidetv is available for downloading. It features a look at an R&D project from The Foundry that removes rolling shutter artifacts, a preview of Trapcode Particular v2 (you can see a new features list in this PDF), we talk global production and on set data pipeline with Sohonet and a look at AJA Ki Pro and Io Express.

We'll have one more fxguidetv episode from NAB 2009 in Las Vegas. Look for that in the coming days.

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  • hammerstroem

    you got to love trapcode and particular, but…

    “you couldn’t do this in any other particle system on any other compositor out there…”
    (minute 12:59, talking about particles lit by spotlights with falloff)

    Did he ever try Fusion?
    it’s all in there since ages.

  • Miltos


    LOL! My thoughts exactly!

  • Have you ever been to a demo? 🙂

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