Our first IBC episode is up with news from the show regarding Autodesk. The company today introduced Flame Premium, which is effectively a bundle of Flame, Smoke Advanced (with an Action that includes all Flame creative tools), and Lustre. The software package is list priced at $129,000 in the states. Upgrades to the premium version from "regular" Flame are $10,000 and $25,000 to upgrade from Smoke Advanced, Flint, or Lustre.

fxguidetv episode #91 has interviews with Mark Hamaker and Marcus Schioler from Autodesk discussing the reasons behind the move. We also speak with Tim Crean, flame artist and partner at Suspect in New York City, and Chris Hengeveld, a smoke editor at Northern Lights Post. They discuss why this move is interesting from both a business and artist perspective.

In addition, the episode also includes our annual overview of the of the IBC flame/smoke extension release with Philippe Soeiro, Autodesk's Lead Product Designer on the products. If you'd like to see the full-length versions of the overview, visit the fxguide YouTube channel for uncut versions.

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