This week we start by interviewing Industry legend Harrison Ellenshaw. Harrision is a Oscar Nominated matte painter who went on to run Buena Vista Visual Effects (BVVE). He has worked on films from Star Wars to Tron. BBVE credits include Dave, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, The Santa Clause, James and the Giant Peach, The Phantom,  Escape from LA and The Pelican Brief.  His father, Peter Ellenshaw, worked with Walk Disney and won an Oscar for Mary Poppins. It was a great honor to interview Harrison and discuss his work.  

In the second half of this weeks episode, our fxphd tip of the week focuses on how to shoot Green screen correctly on RED, and compares Tungsten and Daylight for sensor response in keying.

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3 thoughts on “fxguidetv: Harrision Ellenshaw & Green Screen with RED”

  1. oops, I posted a comment about THIS episode on the George Miller one… oh well, anyway, good green screen tip with RED and interesting comments on the VFX Industry, past and future… 😉

  2. Mr.ellenshaw shoots from the hip.
    And for the shot wise budgeting…Luucaassss !!! grrr.

    Something i’ve been pondering though.The film industry has got so intoxicated on cgi and vfx what if the plug gets pulled on them…
    a.They go back to pure story telling.
    b.All of a sudden the equation changes.

    just sayin.


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