We have looked at Nuke in a feature film environment here at fxguidetv, so we have shifted gears and look at Nuke in a Promo environment. This week we speak to MPC's Nuke artist Alex Harding, who takes us through a breakdown of one of the promo films for the the US cable network Syfy, with actor Tracy Morgan (Tracy Jordan 30 Rock).

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  • jhonny

    this are the things that I want to see more in the future fxguidetv videos. thanks, this is great.

  • Mike Seymour

    So glad you liked it – John Montgomery from our side is behind these, he has worked really hard to get clearances and permissions. Thanks also to the Foundry who are really helpful.


  • Andrew

    Always reassuring to see that my methods match up with others!

    Great video as usual.

  • Olipool

    Thanks for your hard work guys!

  • awesome! i always wait for those kind of videos.
    well done and thanx!

  • chimericidol

    Love your fxguidetv!! Keep it up!