fxguidetv New Episode

fxg4.jpgfxguidetv episode 4 with your host Angie Richards

Chicago, Via China: fxguidetv episode 4 is out including a great interview with Steve Pearce and Phillippo Costanzo from Activion, covering the future of the gaming industry. Plus a great tip from Rose Draper on how to extract mattes from difficult – less than perfect – Jpeg images in Photoshop!

Don’t forget fxguidetv is on the road next week and we’ll be netcasting twice a day during Siggraph.

1 thought on “fxguidetv New Episode”

  1. nice try… i have seen previous episodes… amazing…

    we need more vfx supervisor’s interviews .. how they done that work….

    on set videos production… lives


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