fxguidetv: new flame/smoke 2010×1 releases

fxguidetvibc begins on Friday in Amsterdam and we’ll be covering the conference via fxguidetv as we have for the last several years. To start out the show, our first episode covers the new extension releases from Autodesk for flame and smoke. We traveled up to Montreal before this week to get the scoop on the new releases from Philippe Soeiro, product designer for the effects and finishing products.

Highlights of the release include new 3D text presets, more particle presets, a new procedural texture generator called “Substance” (flame/inferno only), improved R3D support, a new audio tracker to generate keyframes for animation, and more.

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While the entire episode is devoted to the new releases, we had to cut material for time — so if you’re interested you can download the full length interviews by clicking on the “Read More” link.

Watch the workflow enhancements section (140MB)

Watch the 3D text and particles section (102MB)

Watch the Substance nodes section (115MB)

Watch the R3D workflow section (95MB)

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  1. Looking forward to trying out the substance nodes, also really like the new ‘kissing’ options in batch.


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