This year’s Foundry booth at IBC had several fantastic presentations by artists who use Nuke at their facilities and our next two fxguidetv episodes have two of those killer presentations. Episode #70 features the work of rise | fx, the biggest vendor for vfx in Berlin. vfx supervisor Florian Gellinger shows off the work they did on the Matthias Glasner film This is Love. They used Nuke to help visualize the shot in previs thru finishing it by recreating the environment using camera mapping and other tricks.

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In related Foundry news, the company is offering substantial discounts on bundles of their Furnace, Keylight, and Tinder plugins for Autodesk Systems and Avid DS. Also, Furnace Core for Final Cut Pro is 70% off list price. These details expire at the end of November…see the Foundry web site for details.

6 thoughts on “fxguidetv: rise | fx Nuke Presentation from IBC”

  1. I don’t understand why they reproject on 3D. Instead they can place de cameras in the right angle and place.

  2. because of the free movement of the in-car camera.
    the advantage with reprojecting it on 3d is that you can use the in-car camera as the main camera.
    if you projekt the background on 2 cards and the in-car camera would for example rotate 90

  3. That second example he presented (that with the car on the road) looked way more interesting than that car crash – I really wished to see that process. Sorry, but regarding the whole effort they put into the crash shot it didn`t look necessary / impressive at all to me.

    1. i can tell you, it was necessary.
      the second example was quite similarly to the first example.
      briefly said: everything in this shot was projected on simple geometry in nuke.

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