bredow.jpg It’s been a great week here at SIGGRAPH2007 covering the show and we hope you’ve been enjoying the coverage. Sony Pictures Imagework’s Rob Bredow lead a great course given by the crew at Sony Pictures Imageworks about the making of “Surf’s Up”. It was a fanastic presention to a packed room — in fact, attendess had to wait a bit to get in to the presentation as there was no space.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Rob after the course and talk about the making of the waves for the movie….and that coverage is in today’s first ep from San Diego. If you enjoy the interview, you should definitely check out the course notes that Rob has posted over at his 185vfx web site. We also interviewed Les Zellan from Cooke lenses about some of their technology and how it will play into the visual effects market.

We’ve got two more episodes left from San Diego, viewable only over at AWN as streaming netcasts due to the high volume we’re sending out. The folks at AWN and vfxworld — Dan, Shannon, Bill, Deron, Mark, and Andy — have been incredibly helpful in getting things set up.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to our regular fxguidetv high resolution netcast.

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