A week ago Lee Stranahan wrote an article in the Huffington Post titled: Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For Visual Effects Artists. Lee has opened a wider dialogue for a topic we have been championing for years. We discuss what led him to write the article, the reaction, what should happen next and issue a call to action to artists worldwide to continue this discussion.

Links to the original Huffington Post piece, Lee's blog and several forums and related articles can be found after the read more...

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Some links mentioned in the podcast and other related links:

Huffington Post: Open Letter To James Cameron: Fairness For Visual Effects Artists (and comments)

Lee Stranahan's Blog post (and comments)

Closed forum at CGTalk

AWN: The IRS and the Freelance Dilemma

VFX Wages: Relevance (article that states that animation and VFX is 2/3 freelance)

Motionographer article by Bran Dougherty-Johnson:
Questioning the Freelance Dilemma

Some google research on James Cameron and unions:
Slashfilm: How James Cameron put down a mutiny on the set of Aliens Some infor although the title reveals that they were quite off the mark as box office estimators:
Has James Cameron, Hollywood's scariest man, blown £200 million on the biggest movie flop ever?

The Variety article by David S. Cohen (may require subscription)

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  2. Nice.
    Thanks for doing this FXguide.
    Really appreciate you guys supporting this cause.


    Posted by boomji on
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  5. It seems that the need for VFX services is growing more each year, yet the way the effects artists are being treated is becoming worse. For a studio to stay alive in this economy, it needs to have something special and unique about the talent that is creating their projects. Artists need to be in demand and offer something that most studios could not get from a newbie in the industry. That being said, I know it

    Posted by Dale Bernier on
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