fxpodcast Krakatoa’s Chris Bond

This week on the fxpodcast we speak to Chris Bond of Thinkbox software about their production proven volumetric particle rendering, manipulation and management software.

Krakatoa has been used on umpteen feature films and commercials. It provides a great pipeline for acquiring, caching, transforming, modifying, deforming, culling, shading and rendering vast quantities of particles at unprecedented speed to represent natural phenomena like dust, smoke, silt, ocean surface foam, plasma and even solid objects.

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1 thought on “fxpodcast Krakatoa’s Chris Bond”

  1. Nice podcast! Krakatoa and fume are truly the best particle&volume renderers atm.
    Particle stuff reminded me of Mikes tweet like ??4?? months ago about podcast with Thiago Costa. Is the podcast still work in process and alive?
    Thanks for this. : )

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