In this weeks podcast we talk with Michael Taylor, new CEO at Rising Sun Pictures. Michael has a rich history in visual effects starting with an engineering background, becoming a visual effects supervisor and then moving into in senior management at Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain and Ascent Media. This journey has taken him from the UK to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and now Australia. We talk about the business from his perspective as he moves to Adelaide and Rising Sun Pictures.

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6 thoughts on “fxpodcast: Michael Taylor, CEO Rising Sun Pictures”

  1. WOW!! Black+white difference with Michael Taylor and Scott Ross, someone who knows the industry and someone who UNDERSTANDS the industry.

    Good luck RSP.


  2. Just one more wee comment if I may, Michael Taylor should set RSP into some good winds over the next while to come.


  3. I appreciate all the comments and wanted to communicate to you directly the latest news from Rising Sun Pictures. The podcast was recorded several weeks before it was published on FX Guide and indeed the decision was taken during that time to close the Sydney office and consolidate all production to Adelaide. It has been a challenge of late to keep a constant pipeline of work at the Sydney location and our prospects of changing this in the short to medium term timeframe were not good. The strength of the Australian dollar and the more competitive rebate and tax incentive programs offered by other countries to film makers has led to the recent cancellation of some major Hollywood productions that were due to shoot and post in Australia. The decision to leave Sydney was not taken lightly and we offered all our staff members the opportunity to relocate to Adelaide. We are pleased that the majority have taken us up on the offer and they are now in the process of moving ready for the New Year. To accommodate them and our additional hiring needs we have taken on more leasehold space at our Adelaide office and are in the process of building that out including a new screening room with Digital Intermediate capabilities. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2010.

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