fxpodcast: New Deal Studios

New Deal StudiosIn this fxpodcast we get an overview of New Deal Studios with co-founder Matthew Gratzner. New Deal made their name in miniatures but can take a project from design through finish using whatever tools and tricks the job requires. Matthew shares some great stories about favorite past projects as well as offering a perspective on the industry.

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Plenty of great behind the scenes images after the jump…

The Halo 3 commercial can be seen on YouTube
The Halo 3 Website discussed is at www.halo3.com

Make sure you check out the New Deal Studios website for images from many more productions as well as behind the scene photos.

In the podcast Stan Winston Studios is mentioned in regards to their contributions to the Halo 3 spot. Please note this podcast was recorded before the passing of Stan Winston.

Here are some great behind the scenes photos from New Deal Studios work discussed in the podcast.