fxpodcast with Tom Walsh, President of the Art Directors Guild

As part of our continuing labor series we sit down with Tom Walsh, President of the Art Directors Guild to discuss the role of the Guild. We talk about job categories represented by the Guild, the global business, how the Guild relates to the visual effects business and much more. Tom is also a working Production Designer, you can see some of his work at his site.

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5 thoughts on “fxpodcast with Tom Walsh, President of the Art Directors Guild”

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  2. I wasn’t again disagree that the major problem with “young” artist isn’t that they don’t care about pensions and health care, they do, they also see what has happen to their parents in this economy, no 401K left, health care gone. What unifies them for the most part is that they are “afraid” to organize because they could lose thier job. As Jeff said Artist need to stick together, to unify,to unionize in order to get decent wages and working conditions. I see this happen all the time, young (20’s) workers who walk out on a production after a majority vote, almost always get the benifits they are entitles to, after an hhour or two. It’s the oldest story in the book, power comes from workers uniting, refusing to work unless they are decently paid an treated as human beings.
    My personal thoughts,
    Peter Koczera

  3. Many countries (aka New Zealand, Australia, England) are traditional Union (Labor) countries.
    Why not look at Global Unions? The IATSE covers the US and Canada, why not a labor organization that is international.
    (Again my persoanl opinion)

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