At fxguide for the last 5 years we have had the great fortune to have Ian Failes as our "5th Beatle". Sadly, Ian leaves today to newer greener literary pastures. We just want to take a moment to acknowledge his huge contribution and great talent.

Speaking personally, I met Ian when he was doing his own blog, on the side - while practicing Law. Never in my life had I met someone who so loves film, visual effects and respects the artistry in our industry. Luckily, he soon joined the team - where he has been our senior writer. While not often on camera, he also contributed to a huge number of shoots, projects and all our events - always with Ian's same vast joy of life.  But it is Ian's writing that is his trademark. Ian is just a great writer and we are sure he is going on to do incredibly great things moving forward.

Change is a fact of life in our industry and while I am so sad to see him leave the team... as we all are, as Jeff Heusser says Change is the only constant. So today we choose to be happy for his new chapter and just say thanks - to a hell of a writer and one of the industry's true believers.

NB: Ian feel free to edit this article and improve it 😉

Thanks Ian.

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7 Responses to Goodbye and good luck to our 5th Beatle

  1. Good luck Ian! I have enjoyed your articles for fxguide. Your love of the industry is much like all of ours. I hope you have much success in your future.

    Posted by David on
  2. Ian is the BEST. Good luck old pal! You will be greatly missed.
    Keep in touch!

    Posted by Matt Wallin on
  3. Hey Ian….Best of luck! I know you be tops wherever you are going! Thanks for everything! Alex

    Posted by alexudell on
  4. Thank you so much Ian for all the great articles over the years. You really helped push fxguide to another level.

    I wish you all the best for your next endeavors!



    P.S. “Don’t get dead”

    Posted by Richard on
  5. Thank you Ian for all the great material you have present to us over the years, good and best of luck in your future endeavors. Eric

    Posted by Eric on
  6. Ian, you were the first Kickstarter backer of Cinefex for iPad! Your passion and dedication are apparent, look forward to what’s next.

    Posted by christiansen on

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