With NAB now starting, many camera manufacturers are announcing their latest plans, and GoPro is of course among them – this time with a huge foray into VR. The company has detailed more on its camera array releases and its specialized VR software and VR eco-system. Let’s take a look at each.

First, the new VR spherical rig, Omni. This was announced last week and consists of 6 synchronized GoPro Black cameras. Readers might recall the announcement last year of GoPro’s 16 camera array called Odyssey which was part of the company’s Jump VR tech platform.

GoPro's Omni.
GoPro’s Omni.

However, Odyssey was only available to select industry professionals and at a price of around US$15,000. Omni, on the other hand, is a much cheaper alternative at US$4,999.99. It comes with cameras, memory cards, cables and Kolor editing software, but you can also buy just the rig if you already have the cameras.


Head here for specific details on Omni. The camera system comes with and is designed to work with Kolor, software from the VR-video company that GoPro purchased last year.

A closer look at the rig.
A closer look at the rig.

On top of that, GoPro is introducing a website and app platform for iOS and Android called GoPro VR where users can showcase their content – and GoPro will be curating the best stuff as they always have. At NAB, GoPro will also show off its LiveVR system for wireless live VR streaming

Check out one of GoPro’s example VR videos below.

It’s all part of GoPro’s move into VR for everybody and making it hassle-free – stitching GoPro videos into VR content was of course always doable but tricky. With Omni and Kolor, in particular, that ability is now in the hands of many more users.

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  1. So.. 5K for something one can quite easily 3D print.. calling it VR when it’s just 360 and not stereoscopic? Not sure.. maybe I’m not seeing things clear but this kind of feels like a …

    Posted by Ton Habraken on

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