Gridiron Flow Beta for Mac Released

One of the more interesting products in development over the last year has been Gridiron Software’s Flow — an asset, versioning, and time tracking package for artists. It works behind the scenes to track what you’re working on and what files were used to create the end result. Just drag a render to the Flow icon and you get a visual display of what assets were used to create the file. But it’s way more than just asset tracking (see the features page for a breakdown)…and the best thing is that it really doesn’t get in your way of working.

We’ve been on the beta program of the software and the folks up north have been doing a bang up job at bringing features and stability to an incredibly complex task. The software took a bit longer to get out in public, but that was because they were spending the time actively working with users in a private beta to add features and make things work more smoothly. The software is still in beta and has some rough edges, but it’s now ready for the general public. Well, at least the OSX public. Check it out for yourself at Gridiron Software’s web site.

4 thoughts on “Gridiron Flow Beta for Mac Released”

  1. Downloaded it early this morning and I’ve been testing it thoroughly. Been opening up all my projects trying to find which has the biggest node tree!

    Really love the interface, very easy to use. Would love to see a couple file formats added like Maya, Shake and Logic Studio.

  2. I agree with you regarding the file formats, but I’m confident this will come over time. Gridiron has been provided with files from numerous applications, but it has been a matter of getting the major apps working first with more to come.

  3. tried it out, but image sequences end up in a big mess (rendering out 100 frames in Shake ends up as 100 individual nodes in FLOW, which makes it almost unusuable). Is there any way to display image sequences as a single sequence node instead of every frame as an individual file node?

  4. Hey Chris

    The issue you are referring to is unfortunately based on the fact that we do not yet have full shake support. Sequences are at the end of the day, just a lot of files. It is hard for us to say what a file sequence is and what is a sequence of files. There is a big difference between the two. A sequence of files could be you, creating numbered versions of your comp script from shake. For us to automatically deal with this could potentially create problems else where.

    What we have done is look at what application is in use and watch what type of file it is generating. We can take a good guess from that and we would then automatically group those sequences when you open the map (you can group manually right now if you wished). Our lack of full shake support at the moment means we are missing that.

    That support will come in the near future.

    Meanwhile if you have any concerns, get on the Flow forums at our site and someone will address them directly. Thanks for checking it out anyway.


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