To celebrate the new site we are giving away an HP EliteBook 8740w thanks to our friends at HP and NVIDIA, worth about US$6,000. This is not a laptop or a tablet PC. This is a serious mobile workhorse, and we should know, we just took our own one to Korea last year and road tested it. In fact, we will have a separate post with a rundown of our own experiences with this beast of a machine!

Note: Entry deadline extended to March 15th!

The EliteBook is designed for professionals such as VFX and post artists. For starters it has an actual 1920×1200 DREAMCOLOR 17″ Backlit screen, 8 gigs of RAM, Intel core i-7-740QM + NVIDIA Quadro 5000m with 2 gigs of dedicated memory – GPU. Plus it has a 7200rpm 500GB drive and boasts more USB connections, microphones, Bluetooth and DVD kit than one could expect on even a tower. It even has a fingerprint scanner for on set film project security. In short, it is the dream machine for a PC on set or on location.

This thing rocks. It is not aiming to be small. It is not aiming to be lightweight – it aims to be as the name suggests a Mobile Workstation. And it can be yours…

What do you have to do to make tech work for you professionally?

All you need to do is register with us (paid or free) and then email us at hp(at) with:

  1. your username
  2. a jpeg picture of your weirdest tech setup on set or in post
  3. a short description of your setup and why it is crazy

It can be a camera rig, a mobile work setup, a home office setup. Does your cubicle have 8 monitors? Does your facility’s renderfarm sit on top of the fridge? Do you have a droid delivering much needed coffee? We want to see the weirdest professional work setup you have.

This broken laptop (that John dropped) was the only server hosting our site for the first few years of fxguide

Show us what you have to do to make technology work for you on a job and the best shots will be posted here – plus we’ll ship one of you a new Mobile Workstation ANYWHERE in the world. Yes, anywhere. This is open to anyone unless your local government tells you otherwise. The only condition is that it has to be your shot. You can’t send us something someone else posted somewhere on the net…but then you already guessed that, right?

Entries close the 15th of March 2011 – if your computer says it is still the 15th of March you can enter.

For more info on the HP EliteBook specs and system itself read this story.

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  1. We have already had some great entries – but I would encourage you to enter … think of it from an odds point of view – compare your odds here with Vegas.. at fxguide the house will never win !

  2. Sent my entry yesterday, hope I win.. I have lusted for it since I saw it on the bckd fundamentals class on fxphd 🙂

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