IBC news: eyeon’s new asset management tool

Generation image courtesy of Screen Scene VFX

eyeon Software announced this week at IBC in Amsterdam the release of Generation AM, a visual effects asset management front end that is integrated into the company’s Generation set of effects tools.

The toolset will provide shot tracking and review functionality, and interfaces with other asset management and workflow tools like Tactic and Shotgun via Python scripting.

It will ship at $995 and is expected to be released in the fall of 2011.

More information below from eyeon’s press release:

“The native, fully cross-platform redevelopment of Generation now provides a full 64bit application. Generation AM is a rich, optimized interface, rather than a web browser, capable of playback and review of 2k, 4k, and stereo sequences, with 3D LUT calibration. Generation AM also provides a direct workflow for RED, including RED EPIC, and OpenEXR images. Offering a product agnostic workflow, Generation AM works seamlessly with 3D, finishing, and compositing applications.

Generation AM boasts a new collaboration workflow interface which allows the artist to quickly set shot status, assign, check, and track changes. Overview entire productions, create dailies, and comprehensively categorize by artist, shot type, progress, and department, such as 3D, Animation, Lighting, and Compositing.

eyeon Software is working closely with key studios on major projects to consistently refine Generation’s ongoing roadmap.

“For our team, Generation was an integral part of our pipeline. All artists were impressed by its simplicity and usefulness. I myself found it fundamental in the way in which I did my daily processes. So thank you all for giving us the opportunity to use Generation in our pipeline. eyeon was incredibly helpful during Game of Thrones, a big project on which we used Generation. I’m extremely excited about working with the latest version.”

~ Ed Bruce, Visual Effects Supervisor, Game of Thrones, Screen Scene VFX

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  1. Sweet! But… hmm… but… I couldn’t even find Eyeon at IBC…? Where they even there? Did someone else find them? Can’t find them in the “official floor plan” either while looking now. =(

    1. They did something unique and had a boat located by The Beach outside hall 7 instead of a booth. As Mike said we did an interview with them and it will be in the next fxguidetv episode.

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